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Business Environment


The Kenya government is taking various steps to creating an enabling business environment;

  • The government has dedicated a big chunk of its resources to the Infrastructure sector;
  • Kenya is moving towards green energy, plans to construct multi-purpose dams are on-going;
  • The Government is dealing vigorously with the security issue;
  • One stop shop has been set up for investors, therefore reducing bureaucracy.
  • Public Private Partnership Committee chaired by the Prime Minister, has also been set up to reduce on bureaucracy.
  • Issues on corruption in the country are being worked on.
  • The judiciary is being reformed so as to be able to add up to the needs of the people.
  • Democracy is being nurtured by upholding the rule of law, promoting a sense of inclusiveness in government policy and decisions and enhanced national security.


Economic activity in Kenya embraces production of both goods and services, with some sectors exhibiting peculiar characteristics especially in terms of contribution to national income, employment and poverty reduction, impact on vulnerable groups like rural communities especially the womenfolk, support services and vision of the country especially with regard to industrialization initiatives. Some of these sectors are :

  • Agriculture,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Tourism,
  • Arts and Crafts,
  • Financial and
  • Investments sectors.

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