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  • Application for a NEW Kenya Passport (After five years of Validity)

This should be done three months prior to the expiry date.

The following documents are required:

  1. Passport Application Form PP.1
  2. 3 recent passport size photographs
  3. 3 copies of Birth Certificate
  4. Current passport
  5. Three copies of passport pages containing the following information:
    (a) Page with photo and biographical details
    (b) Page featuring the R number (Immigration File number)
    (c) Passport renewals page(d) Any other page with amendments, endorsements or other important personal information
  6. 55 euros in cash if the applicant comes to the Embassy or by postal money order (payable to Kenya Embassy Paris) if the application is sent by mail
  7. Proof of legal stay in the country of residence
  8. For students; proof of current studies in the country of residence (copy of student card or admission letter)
  9. A copy of marriage certificate for ladies who wish to change their names.
  10. A self addressed stamped envelope for the return of the passport (registered mail tariff)

NB: The same conditions apply for those whose passports are still valid but have no pages available for visas or observations

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