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Foreign Policy


The conduct of foreign policy in Kenya is a prerogative of the Head of State (President). The Foreign Ministry’s responsibility is that of advice and execution in consultation with the President. Several individuals, institutions and organizations participate in the foreign policy formulation and decision-making.  From this perspective, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is only a facilitator, co-ordinator and a steward of the country’s foreign policy; the various government agencies are complementary actors in the conduct of foreign policy.

Kenya’s Foreign Policy Orientation

Kenya’s Foreign Policy rests upon four interlinked pillars, namely; Economic Diplomacy, Peace Diplomacy,Environmental Diplomacy and Diaspora Diplomacy.

Peace Diplomacy: Enhancement of peace and security in the region through mediation, participating in peace keeping missions and strengthening internal capacity and that of African regional institutions for conflict prevention, resolution and management.

Economic Diplomacy: Promotion of economic growth and sustainable development through strengthening of existing economic ties and exploring new opportunities by promoting Kenya as a tourism, trade and investment destination.

Environmental Diplomacy: Leadership and engagement in environmental issues and initiatives at both regional and global levels.

Diaspora Diplomacy: Enhancement of partnerships with the Diaspora. Harnessing and marketing of Diaspora resources in the spirit of national development.

For more information on Kenya’s foreign policy, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website: www.mfa.go.ke

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