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(International Student Welfare Centre)

CNOUS has a team of 157 welfare advisers who are based in regional CNOUS centres.  Their expertise covers the following services:

  • Ensure the improvement of life/studying conditions of all French and foreign students in France.
  • Setting up of welfare commissions that bring together key players in student life with a view to improving student living conditions and quality of life.
  • Provides foreign students with practical information and formalities while studying/living in France.
  • Assist students in obtaining resident permits
  • Foreign students’ counselling services
  • Assist foreign students with disabilities to settle into university life.
  • Assist students with personal financial matters
  • Award hardship funds to students experiencing financial hardship on a special basis as a part of bursary or loan.
  • Grants, loans and housing to foreign students
  • Cultural activities
  • Assist students with links of temporary employment agencies and companies that are keen to recruit. (However, demand remains higher than supply.)

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